meet report by Caroline

Those that didn’t bail due to the ‘slightly’ patchy forecast, arrived with minimal drama on Friday. Simon, Leo and Rob got in early doors for some organised tent-pitching and pitch-nabbing. The late arrivals, smuggled themselves on to the site (no pitching in the car park for us!) thanks to Chuck’s skilful navigation of the doorman’s questions.


Saturday, the more promising weather day, didn’t look quite as promising as promised come breakfast, but after a slightly damp start, cracks in the clouds began to appear. Simon and Leo (who was on his inaugural meet – welcome Leo!) headed off for a walk around the lake, inspecting every plant, tree and rock along the way. Robin headed off for a spot of trampolining in a cave, at ‘Bounce Below’, dragged there kicking and screaming by his nieces – or was it the other way round? The remaining contingent, Wendy, Chuck, Andrew, Rob and Caroline, headed to Tryfan – a good scramble up the north face, with a fair amount of off-piste route finding. From Tryfan, Wendy was lured by the teashop. Chuck, Andrew, Rob and Caroline continued on to Bristly Ridge and the Glydders, with some terrific scrambling on Bristly enjoyed by all. It turned out to be a gloriously sunny day. And meanwhile back at the campsite Leo (and a slightly under-the-weather Simon) spent the afternoon getting to grips with tent admin and camp cookware.


Sunday came, and so did the rain. Robin was the early-starter of the day. If anyone else had been up at 5.30am, they’d’ve seen him running off in the direction of a 10-hour stint on the fells – Moel Hebog to Moel Elio via Snowdon and a lot of other bumps, supporting Al’s bid to make it ’round’ in 24hours, in conditions which weren’t conducive to running well. Others made
a rapid, or slower, exit to a caff.


The weather, and two breakfasts each, didn’t stop Rob and Chuck hitting the Marin trail, near Betws-y-Coed for a stint of mountain biking. They both lapped up the grinding up hills and attention-focusing downhill single tracks. The rain made it interesting with Rob managing to have only one “off”. Chuck reports that the best bit of the Marin trail is the last section of downhill single track – it goes on for ages with jumps and twists and turns, a real pleasure to ride in any weather.


So, weren’t we an intrepid and multi-various bunch: scrambling, walking, running, trampolining, biking, botany, caff-cruising – all in one lovely weekend.