Trip reports

Summer (S)Portland!

Just in time for the July heatwave to reach British shores, the MMC decided to head to sunny Portland and make their home for the weekend at Rosewall campsite. Saturday Rise and shine like the sun was the motto for the day. Waking up to (unfamiliar) blue skies and sunshine, […]

2021 Peaks

Off we went to the Peaks for the penultimate camping meet of the year. It did not disappoint! With 24 people signed up the meet was always going to be great fun.  Many arrived late on Friday evening whilst some snuck up early on the Saturday to avoid the queues.  […]

2021 Gower

As the UK was gripped by poor weather, the MMC snuck off to the Welsh Gold Coast, formally known as the Gower.  With an advance party setting up base camp at the Nicholston Farm Campsite and getting the lay of the land, the remainder of the group arrived in usual […]

2021 North Wales Training Meet

Having eased into Meet Season with 6 people at Cornwall a few weekends earlier, MMC decided to Go Large for this one with a whopping 39 attendees!  Luckily the campsite were very accommodating and allocated a separate field dedicated to the club.  We were never quite sure whether this was […]

2021 Cornwall – Walkers Edition

Authors & Image Contributors: Christine, Sarah, Marie, and Mags We’re not going to lie – the weather in the run up to the first full meet since the start of the pandemic was looking grim. Several dropped out and the six remaining souls were contemplating what we were getting into. […]

2021 Cornwall – Climbers Edition

Authors & Image Contributors: Oli & Matt For the first full weekend out since the start of lockdown conditions, the weather wasn’t looking good. Nationwide torrential rain had been forecast and gale force winds were expected all weekend. Out of the dozen or so that expressed interest, only half remained: […]