By Alix Dees


It was a good idea of the committee to move the Cornwall meet to May from Easter, to try to ensure warmer conditions than the arctic ones endured in recent years. And although it looked as though the weather was determined to undermine this cunning plan by extending wintery forecasts right up to the Bank Holiday weekend, it sort of worked.

As you can see from the photos, it was a meet of two halves. (Thanks to Xin, Silvia and Harry Davies for photos).



Saturday dawned bright and breezy. The northerly winds could easily be avoided, being as we were on the toe of Cornwall at St Buryan. A good time was had by all walking, climbing and on the beach.

There were two parties of walkers: Kasim, Xin, Sarah G and Ian and then the ‘Youth Section’, Niamh and Orla Dixon, Bea and Max–the-dog, led by Eileen Dixon. Sarah and Ian’s group started at Treen and walked to Mousehole whilst Eileen’s party started at Mousehole and walked towards the other group meeting them at Lamorna Cove. They then joined forces returning (or continuing) to Mousehole.  Several people reported that Max-the-dog took this hook up very seriously, patiently waiting for and sweeping up laggards. On this classic Cornish sunny day the views of the rugged coast and jewel coloured sea were perfect.


Sarah W spent the morning on the train coming down from London and bussed to Mousehole in time to meet the others to return to the campsite. I hereby nominate Sarah W for the award for Valiant Use of Public Transport to Get to a Meet.

As for the climbers, after a long faff and almost complete change of personnel, a team of four set off in Harry’s classic VW camper van for the non-tidal Bosigran. David and Harry teamed up to tick a set of classic VSs: Little Brown Jug, Anvil Chorus and Zig Zag. Tom and Alix warmed up on Clob (VDiff) complete with its customary confusion with climbers on other routes crossing over. Then favourites Dong (S) and Ochre Slab II (well, Tom’s variation on pitch 1) also Severe were delightful excursions on sun warmed golden granite. Layers were stuffed into rucksacks and sun cream was applied!

Climbers on Doorpost and Doorway taken from Little Brown Jug


David on the stance on Anvil Chorus

Steve and Silvia headed to Porthcurno beach for Sebastian’s first taste of the seaside and reported having a lovely day. It certainly looks like it.


All day Sunday and Monday morning however were a very coastal drizzle-mist-rain combo. Silvia gathered up tent campers to finish their breakfast in the palatial surroundings of their on-site mobile home. A special mention should go to the core walkers Ian, Sarah and Sarah, Xin and Kasim for their unfailing positivity and determination to get out into ‘it’. They were rewarded with less fog and more views after midday on Sunday. Climbing was off the menu.



The Melvin-Bello party mooted the idea of the aquarium at Newquay on Sunday and the Dixons and Dees joined in.

Ian organised a dinner in Mousehole on Sunday evening.

The Deeses and Dixons with the ‘Youth Section’cooked onsite and played cards in the village pub in St Buryan.

The Sarahs continued to show pluck on Monday with a swim in the sea. Ian didn’t require quite so much pluck… in a 5mm wet suit. Steve showed him how it’s done.


The Deeses had to set off before the return of the good weather and settled for a drizzly and windy but nonetheless enjoyable walk on the beach at Carbis Bay complete with coffees from the amazing little café which operates out of a container on the dunes! The Dixons had a tour of St Ives which lasted just long enough for them to depart in sunshine. (It’s almost as though it’s doing it on purpose.) Steve, Silvia and Seb had the best idea, staying on for another day which was billed to be great weather.

The committee has already received feedback for next year; a check of the tides would be a good idea as on this trip high tides fell towards the middle of the day making the tidal climbing crags inaccessible except extremely early or late in the day.