The committee have discussed and put forward 2021 Events, Socials, and Meets for all things climbing, including the new to outdoor climbing events that we hold every year. Please keep an eye on the Meets page and/or our facebook group for events for updates.

England’s Roadmap out of Lockdown – while dates on events are preliminary and subject to change, what we have arranged for 2021 New Members events to help you get started with climbing outside with the club:

24th April – New Members Outdoor Intro Meet – Top roping day out at Bowle’s or Harrison’s Rocks near to Tunbridge Wells. Accessible by train for the day to Eridge from London. This is not a training event – belaying will be tested at the start of the sessions. You’re expected to bring your own shoes, harnesses, and if you prefer helmet. Please keep the next day or weekend free in-case of poor weather.

If you can’t yet tie in and belay, ask about short courses at your local roped climbing wall, to get you up to speed.

28th May to 31st May – Group outdoor trad-training weekend in North Wales. You will meet others new to outdoor climbing and new to the MMC. The training is held on a club meet weekend so that you can meet existing members – we welcome you to join us at the local pub on Saturday night to share stories of the day. It is a camping meet and we arrange car shares/ shared hire cars/ pick ups from the local rail station. See ‘Meets‘ for details.

The baseline prerequisite for the course is again, to able to tie in and belay indoors, so that the instructor can quickly move you all on to outdoor techniques.

Social Walks and Outdoor / Indoor Climbs

If you happen upon the club at any other time of the year, you can still join us on social walks and outdoor / indoor climbs to get to know us. Please keep an eye out for these in our ‘Meets‘ and ‘Socials‘ events pages. We prefer to check belaying and fit indoors but we’ve needed to take this outdoors during the brief periods we could go outside. We will continue this for now until further notice.

  The 2019 training team at Stanage Edge.

If you have any questions about your experience level and what you want to achieve, contact for a chat.

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Other training options: Check out Plas y Brenin, The National Mountain Centre, as they offer a course specifically designed for you: Moving Out.

Page last updated: 28/03/2021