Meet report by Anna, Portland 24/25 June 2017

The MMC team of Anna, Harry, Michael, Paolo, Joanna, Marie, Mia (the dog) and Adriano headed off on the motorway arriving late on Friday at the campsite near Portland.   Joe hit the road on his own but got there ok.

Arrival was nice and easy, no missing turns to the campsite.  We went straight to our area, pitched the tent while Harry and the others came back from the pub. 

We woke up to the sound of steady rain and mist so there was no rush to the rocks. In the meantime, while we were getting ready slowly, Damien and his girlfriend arrived. 

We were super keen for some sport routes.  All decided to go to the Cheyne Cliff area. Harry drove off first and at the time of arrival everyone seemed to be doing their own thing and the two groups split.

Maria did her first ever outdoor lead!  The route was a 5 with spaced bolts – respect!  Joanna and Anna with their injuries were doing some easy climbs and mainly focused on encouraging Maria who blazed a trail on her own. Damien also arrived and climbed his own choice routes. Later on Harry turned up with Michael and Paolo and his friend as well as Chuck and AG.  We really had a party!

As the night came we all went to the pub nearby the campsite enjoying the beers and the pub food. Ollie and Nick R also joined us as they only arrived on Saturday. They climbed in the cuttings and the “easy crags” at the beginning of the sector…they are the most polished glass routes ever…!! Not for warming up or introduction to outdoor climbing!

We decided to all stay together on Sunday and we picked the Battleship sector which is a friendly little crag on the side with nicely bolted but technical small sport routes. It was a lovely sunny day and we all enjoyed climbing together in the sector where we could share talks and jokes.

Anna tried a route on the long wall with technical fingery moves which motivated Marie to make a photo video of it – see Facebook.

Soon around 3pm the day called for the end and all left.