YHA Welsh Bicknor is at the bottom of a wooded escarpement accessed by a steep narrow track which gave most drivers especially David with his bloated van the collywobbles.  Some camped but most stayed in the well appointed mansion.

Undaunted by the closure of Lydbrook footbridge the climbers found their way to Symonds Yat as did the walkers.  The climbers found Symonds Yat to be in excellent dry condition.  Many routes were climbed such as HVS classic Red Rose Speedway (Sara, Damien, Chuck), Jackall’s Gully (Nick,Michael and Will), Etna (Nick, Marie, David ), slippery sandbags Snitch and Snatch (Chris and Joe), HS classic Golden Fleece (Marie, David, Chris, Joe and probably everybody) the Exchange (ditto), The Druid (Damien and Chuck).  I am sure there was lots more, sorry if your route isn’t described!  It was a great day with much endeavour.


The walkers had a wonderful day culminating in the famous view from Symonds Yat and ending with a trip across the river via the cable pontoon.


Everybody met for dinner at the pub.

On Sunday the walkers went on a canoe trip down the Wye Valley.


The climbers went to The Shorncliff.  Again the weather was superb and much climbing was done. Many climbs were ascended for example Acoustic VD (Chris, Jess, Nick, Will and Marie did Acoustic), Cry Wolf VD (Nick and Katherine), Wolf Whistle (David and Cath), Iron Curtain (David, Chris and Katherine), Sara (Temporary Truce VS, Emotional Dyslexia, One for All with various, mainly David) and some extreme esoterica (Rick and Angela).  There were many others!  A special mention to Katherine with her first outdoor climbs!