Bon Appétit – the 2019 Dinner meet!

Normally I’m not a fan of photo menus, but hopefully you’ll forgive the below. Thanks to Joe, Wendy and Chuck for organising a fun and tasty dinner meet:

Les Entrees

1. Chilled Arête Cneifion (also available as a main)

A starter for two: get those taste-buds (and finger-tips!) tingling with a cold dish evoking the best of Alpine cuisine. This is a small plate that will surely leave you wanting more! Dish comes accompanied by a short walk around Idwal.

2. Llanberis en marchant (Locally sourced)

Whet your appetite for the coming delights with this light starter sourced within a stone’s throw of the hut!

Les Plats

3. Iced Crib-Goch (Scrambled)

Suitable for a large party: expose your senses to this ever-popular Snowdon ridge, glazed on one side by a tasty coating of ice, this “finger-food” provides more than a meal as you munch your way to the flavour-summit of Wales.

4. Whole suckling Pyg-track

A generous dish for five: beautifully presented in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, experience under-foot the contrasting textures of tarmac, grass, ice and rock which lead to the palate-peak of Snowdonia and leave you with the sweet taste of success.

5. Serpents et échelles (Locally sourced)

An eclectic choice for three: slabby slate snakes garnished with delicate russet red ladders, these bold flavours (and bolder climbing!) are freshly quarried in the Llanberis area.

Les Desserts

6. Un peu de jogging

Cleanse your palate (and shift your hangover) with the gentle-pace of this mountainside run.

7. Café et petits faire du acheté

The connoisseurs’ choice – why not finish your dinner meet with a coffee; cake and a little shopping in Llanberis?

Les Vins, Bière etc.

Yes, plenty of these.