Author: Christine

This late September North Wales trip was a cosy one. It started with plenty of enthusiastic attendees and then the weather turned into an interesting grey with plenty of rain predicted.

Several dropped out due to the weather so the final heroes were Sarah, Vicky, Faff, Ben, John, and Dylan – and Sarah smartly set up in a chicken coop while the rest camped it out! Not say they weren’t smart, just… willing to deal with rain and mud.

Sarah’s Chicken Coop

Saturday saw the groups split into the climbers and walkers, with the climbers heading off to the massively picturesque slates, trying to avoid the rain while the walkers kept it a complete mystery! I kept asking, but they have thus far refused and demand a guess-where-we-were event. Ha.

Climbers headed off to the Slates… trying to avoid the drizzle.
John on the Equinox VS 4c at Bus Stop Quarry
Faff and Sarah at the peak of some tall hill somewhere in North Wales – any guesses?!
The return.

Anyway. At the end of the day, half of the group piled into Sarah’s Chicken Coop to warm up and have a tea party. Cosy! Not sure what happened to everyone else.. a soggy dinner perhaps?

Tea Party at Sarah’s!

The next day, the group woke up to fabulously clear skies. Excellent! Sarah and Faff started their day off in a wonderful local cafe (named by Faff “Caffi Faffi”) before heading up another Welsh peak while Ben, Vicky, Joh, and Dylan headed off for some bouldering at Pant Ifan.

Breakfast at Caffi Faffi
Proper mountaineers! Colwyn Caffi

The boulderers smashed some fantastic routes (sorry, I mean sent..), including The Ramp 6b+, and Central Left Hand 6b. Here are some of their pictures:

Ben on the Central Left Hand 6b

All in all, the weekend was a massive success. Next time!

End of trip selfie time
And lastly, Ciao!