Author: Robin

In a return to something like a (new?) normal the club headed to its favourite hut in the peaks, the excellent Ollerbrook Farm, near Edale. A lovely place to return to hut-based meet, the peaks greeting everyone in autumnal colours. 

Anna and Mark being the most excited turned up and headed north on Thursday night with a cheeky Fri-climbing-day with Flying Buttress being attacked in a little late season sunshine.

Early arrivals headed to Stanage for the day!

Many headed up on the meet a gently oversubscribed 24 with others staying at some additional locations, including one of the refurbed local hotels. 

As every popular end of Stanage saw plenty of action for the climbers with the bulk heading there. Many of the multi-star classics being ticked on across the grades. Louise, Chuck, David, Robin, Chris, John, Rose, Rick, Iffy, Ali, Damien and Dylan. Including some experience Stanage grit for the first time.

Alistair preparing to climb Bishop’s route.

If in doubt, Agony Crack (starring Rick)
Hannah & Darren at Dover’s Wall.

Pete arriving later having started with some walking before reaching the rock.

The walkers organised by Alix walked above inversion on the Mam Tor ridge. A peaks classic with Fiona, Vicky, Gemma & Maggie.

Passing a cloud inversion on Mam Tor Ridge.

The Nags head visited by many groups over the evening, operating a first come first served based. The Lamb Henry being well recommended. 

Sunday brought weather befitting the time of year, a cloud getting lower and a damp start. The numbers walking swelled given lack of suitably dry rock. With at least Ali, Pete, Chris, Louise, Iffy, Rose, Chuck, Anna & Mark.

Heading up to the Edale Moore 590m Trig point
And they made it!
The walker’s end of route photo couldn’t go without Mark hanging off a cliff edge. Just kidding! He was scrambling up the side of a boulder off route.

The climbers eventually found their way to looking at the lines of Millstone – not really sure what happened to them. Maybe they’re still battling the routes?

Rick headed off for a run before meeting up for a quick tea and chat in Hathersage with returning walkers, as did a few others in fact! So as per usual, the cafes of Hathersage were filled with us. 

Fiona at Outside Cafe

Lastly, if in doubt poorganise the MMC…

Meet organiser and report author, Robin.