The MMC arrived in Pembrokeshire for a weekend of sunshine, before the record breaking heatwave of July 2022.
Pete, Hannah and Charm arrived a day early and got out for some climbing on the Friday, beautiful weather had the sea cliffs looking dramatic but inviting. 

The rest of the group assembled that evening in St Petrox campsite, which was pleasantly quiet despite the good weather forecast.

After the usual deliberation on Saturday morning, all the climbers (Damien, Tim, Pete, Hannah, Charm, Katherine) set off for Saddle head, while the walkers (Chris, Sarah, Ali) headed off for a coastal path walk with beach ambitions, starting at Freshwater East and ending at Bosherston. Robin and Sandy went for a run.

The climbers tackled a range of routes on the upper and lower tiers.  Things got a bit hot on the sea cliffs by late afternoon, so after a good day of climbing half the group went for dinner and then showers, and the other half for showers and then dinner. A last minute table at the busy St. Govans Inn was a welcome stroke of luck!

Meanwhile the walkers had an apparently idyllic day featuring coastline, sandy beaches, friendly birds, wheat fields and horse’s bottoms.  They took a rest at the Stackpole cafe, where cakes and other offerings were excellent.

Hannah and Charm had the HVS climb ‘Riders on the Storm’ on the bucket list, so headed off to Stennis head while Damien and Tim tackled routes including Stennis Pillar (HVS) and Highland Fling (HS).

Ali and Robin Made an early departure, and Chris, Sarah, Pete and Katherine went for a walk through the Bosherston Lily ponds to the beach for ice cream and swimming. By afternoon it was extremely hot, and everything felt like hard work, so we all rendezvoused in the Broad haven car park and set off home.