Cornwall always has something interesting for everyone and often the weather has something to say about it too!

Much of the group arrived at a windswept campsite on Thursday night, being the sole caravan among a sea of tents. The next day, however, was an incredibly bright and clear day.

So, Friday

Due to the fabulous weather, there was a mass expedition to Bosigran to ‘warm up’ on the non-tidal cliffs (and out of the way of the wind). Ali, Alix and David went to the far end of the crag and enjoyed the classic Black Slab (VDiff) followed by Dong (S4b) which certainly had some interesting moments, including mantleshelfing off the tip of a spike. Yikes!

David, Alix, and Ali on a Slab (somewhere)
Harry on Zig Zag

As the team completed their final pitch and were thinking about grabbing some lunch, their phones rang to find out a member had gotten hurt, assistance was on its way, but to please bring some ibuprofen over in the meantime. Following a descent to their sacks to grab their supplies, Alix and David managed to pass the ibuprofen onwards via two helpful climbers who still had their rope up. The rest of this team’s day, including Chuck, was spent assisting the gathering of gear and being rather organised.

Phil and Ifrah went for a casual walk while everyone was out climbing. Nothing too ambitious was planned as one person was recovering from an injury and the other didn’t have the footwear for an adventurous hike. The weather was working quite intensely against them, with strong winds coming through from the SW they headed north, straight out of the campsite to avoid some of it. They reached the beach below Trevascan Cliff and trudged for a mile over the sands, admiring the hardy surfers. 

Getting back to shore, after a couple of false starts and a detour to retrace their steps they found the SW Coastal Path again with Cape Cornwall ahead. Phil and Ifrah reported some nice views, beautiful wild flowers and old mine workings admired along the way. They stopped for lunch and turned back on their route to return to the campsite – only to find out Phils soles had separated from their boots. Oops! At least Phil had his trainers spare.


The next day, David went to Bosi to continue his obsession with Little Brown Jug, this time shared with Ali. After that followed the super classic Doorpost – what a sumptuous top pitch! 

The freezing night reduced the will to climb challenging crags for some so Phil, Ifrah, and a few additional MMC members hitched a ride to after hitching a ride to the area of Bosigran with the climbers. 

They look like Seals, we think!

The walker’s option provided some shelter from the cold wind blowing from the East as they started from the North coast. They enjoyed reasonable wind and weather conditions, admired the crags and coves on the way to Zennor. They saw ships out to sea and sea birds circling cliff tops – thankfully not diving down for the food when they had lunch on the sandy beach near Pendeen.

After lunch, the walkers experienced a wild cliff top scenario that flattened off into a ruinous Cornish Mining landscape, with the historic remains of former mines and their chimneys and engine houses. 

They reached a group of mining remains – Levant Zawn and its beam engine (sometimes steamed up for visitors, but not today), and Geevor Mine. They finally turned off the coastal path inland to a bus stop near Pendeen to catch the bus back – all great beta from Philip, of course.

By the end of the day, (nearly) everyone piled down to the Logan Rock Inn for a pub dinner. Excellent.


A large group of walkers and non-climbers departed from the campsite – Ifrah, Philip, Robin, Alix and Rose. 

Most spent their day on a fabulous walk on the scenic coast path north from Sennen. A repeat of Day 1, except without the return journey. The group made their way up the full seven miles of coast north to Cape Cornwall. There they stopped for a National Trust tea and bun in the car park, and then headed up to the headland itself to get the benefit of the extensive views. It had threatened to rain at times but it mostly held off. They then went inland to St Just, a cafe, and then smartly to a bus stop which they used then to return to the campsite in time before the rain came down in earnest.

David and Ollie W went to Sennen and climbed the thrutchy Hayloft and had an ice cream where they also met former members Jeremy and Sally which was great timing.

Alix and Robin went for ‘dip’ in the icy surf at Sennen, in full wetsuits of course. Ali was supposedly looking after Sandy the dog on the beach but a moment of madness came over her and the next thing they knew she was diving under the waves in less than appropriate clothing. 

Sandy in the Sand!

By the evening, bad weather saw a succession of drenched campers arrive in Alix and David’s caravan to scoff their grub. Everyone eventually all decamped to the local pub which was otherwise abandoned by about 8.30pm which is impressive for such a lovely holiday destination!


David and Alix had a morning at the Tate St Ives followed by a coast path walk which ended in a downpour. The weather clearly had other ideas.

And of course, this was from Sunday but we did have to end of a lovely photo of one of our favourite doggos.

Editor: Thank you to the organisers and everyone else who helped out on the trip. You’re all superstars!