2024 Springtime in Portland!

Author: Oli B In a change to regular programming, MMC headed to Portland for a Springtime meet rather than their usual Summertime venture to the Dorset coast. It was a move that proved to be wise, for the climbers were met with glorious sunshine on both days of the weekend […]

New to climbing outdoors?

We now have the 2024 Events, Socials, and Meets up for all things climbing, including the new to outdoor climbing events that we hold every year on the Meets page and/or our facebook group. Please keep an eye on these pages for events updates (on rare occasions due to the […]

How to join

How do I join the MMC? First email our membership secretary: to arrange to meet us at a social event or to come on a meet. We ask you to come on two weekend meets to see if the MMC is the right club for you before joining. You […]

Mountain biking, kayaking and more

People also do other outdoorsy stuff on meets: mountain biking, fell running, and when the venue is suitable, hiring kayaks and sometimes horses! You are free to explore the options in an area and come back and tell us all about it. Sometimes the meet organiser will arrange things – […]

Winter walking and winter mountaineering

The same as in the summer but colder! We go to the hills all year round. On a winter trip to Scotland, ice axe and crampons can be useful or essential depending on conditions. On high and steep ground in England and Wales we often encounter very wintery conditions, as […]


Some of the venues we visit offer bouldering opportunities such as The Peaks, Dorset, Dartmoor and North Wales. There is usually one trip to Fontainebleau a year.