Trip reports

2022 Platinum Jubilee in the Lakes

Author: Nick K It was touching that the committee commemorated the Silver Jubilee of Nick’s, Steve’s and Simon’s joining of the club with a special meet. They were further amazed that the granting of a special bank holiday was within the committee’s gift. They were however sadly disabused of this when […]

2022 North Wales Training

The May Bank Holiday meet in North Wales often proves to be one of the more popular meets and 2022 was no exception with around 35 people signing up, 14 of whom took part in the Trad Training. With Harry and Oli B now being RCI-qualified we were able to […]

2022 Bleau Back

Author: Nick K The last couple of years have put so much on hold that the new normal has shaken off a lot of the old normal so much that certain traditions (ironing 5 shirts of a Sunday night and shaving every day) have somewhat fallen by the wayside.  The […]

2022 Marching Through March

Author: Christine Traditionally, March is bereft of meets. This is usually due to the weather being poor all around as it is not cold enough for a winter meet and not warm enough to entice the regulars out for a full weekend or inviting for the new. So we like […]

2022 Three Seasons at the Lakes

Author: Anna Zed This winter meet at the Lake District was quite something. Brownie points to those that made it north for the Lakes meet as three different storms battered Britain in 7 days! With the predicted gales from Storm Eunice on the day of travel many of the attendees started […]

2022 A Winter Meet in North Wales

Authors & Contributors: David D. & Joe B. Editor: Christine The year’s meets certainly started off with a bang or rather shall we say an almost bust? Why? Well.. David and Alix were the first to arrive in the general area of the at 7pm, having expected to meet their […]