The club’s climbing activities revolve around the regular monthly meets as well as more informal weekend trips. The MMC climbs throughout the UK, from Cornwall to Scotland, as well as venturing to Europe in search of winter sunshine or summer alpinism.

In the winter, the emphasis moves to mountaineering and ice climbing. In the past members have organised ice climbing trips to places like the Les Ecrins, Chamonix and Colorado, as well as making the occasional foray in to Scotland when conditions are good.





Indoor Climbing


For indoor climbing, look out for Anna at The Castle in an MMC t-shirt. Check out our Facebook page for when she plans to be there:
Also, we recommend that if you are a complete beginner that you attend a basic course showing you how to tie in and belay safely. These are available at the West Way and the Castle.

The most popular centres with MMC members are the Westway, Castle and Arch climbing walls. For an excellent overview of all the centres that London has to offer see the London Climbing Guide.