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A Late Christmas Dinner Tradition

Hello! The MMC are holding their annual Late Christmas Dinner in January. Being held after our Lake District Meet the attendees can regale us all (members, prospective members or new adventurers alike) on their epic adventures! Plus, it would be lovely to catch up with how you’re all doing. If […]

Pub Social: Late Christmas Dinner at Parcel Yard

Come join our traditional late Christmas Dinner at Parcel Yard! It’ll be a nice catch up and you’ll have a choice of food, drinks, or both! Date: Thursday 19th January 2023 Time: 6.30/7pm onwards Location: https://www.parcelyard.co.uk/food/main-menu Closest Station: Kings Cross St Pancras Registration Form: https://forms.gle/PxRiqanJx5JMDcSd9 Organiser: Christine – Chair@themmc.org.uk Image […]