North Wales

We're hopping up to somewhere in North Wales. It's a favourite spot of ours and always a place where everyone can find something to do - be in climbing, walking, and further out kayaking and surfing! Date: Friday 12th July - Sunday 14th July 2024 Time: When you or your […]


We're off to the lovely Yorkshire. Going in the summer means anyone fancying the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge will get a nice amount of daylight to do it in. Excellent. Also there are rocks to climb too, if you didn't know. :p Date: Friday 9th August - Sunday 11th August […]

International Meet: Italy – Dolomites

Exciting - we're off to the Dolomites! Date: Saturday 7th September - Saturday 14th / Sunday 15th July 2024 Travel: Expect to fly - we've checked train travel options, though just possible to get within the general area it is potentially complicated with a lot of changes and lengthy. Location: […]

AGM in the Lake District

Ending our 50th year as a Mountaineering Club, we'll be holding our yearly AGM in the Lake District. We'll plan to try and negotiate an extra day or two either side of the weekend so we can really make a celebration of the outdoors. Date: Thursday 21st November - Monday […]