Social Climb: Castle Time (& Refreshments!)

I expect some people will want to climb-out the first week of the new year - let's go! I'll be at the Castle, come join in :D Date: Sunday 25th February 2024 Time: 1pm - 6pm Location: Castle Climbing Centre - Closest Station: Manor House (Piccadilly Line) Organiser: Christine […]

Social Climb: Westway!

Many of us hang out at the Westway - let's go there for the afternoon! I'll be there, join in if you can. Date: Sunday 10th March 2024 Time: 1pm - 6pm Closest Station: Latimer Road Underground Station (Circle Line / Hammersmith & City Line) Organiser: Christine - Sign […]

Early Spring in (S)Portland

We're doing the unusual, we're going to (S)Portland early this year. Taking advantage of smaller crowds we'll climb all day and enjoy our evenings in a hut (the nights in a tent might be a bit rough at this time of year). Date: Friday 19th April - Sunday 22nd April […]

Cornwall in Spring

We're looking at another Cornwall meet in spring!  This is a Members Only Meet. Date: Friday 3rd May - Monday 6th May 2024 Time: When you or your travelling group is ready! Location: To be confirmed - will be a bunkhouse of some kind. Organiser: We're looking for one! If […]

International Meet: Fontainebleau *suggested dates*

Our regular bouldering meet to Fontainebleau comes around this year again! *Suggested Dates:* Thursday 9th May - Monday 13th May 2024 - these dates may change depending on the organiser's and attendee's preferences.  Time: When you or your travelling group is ready! Location: To be organised by the attendees, usually […]


We haven't seen Dartmoor in a bit so we're hopping over there for this meet and bank holiday. It's a beautiful national park with wild horses grazing about! Date: Friday 24th May - Sunday 27th May 2024 Time: When you or your travelling group is ready! Location: To be confirmed […]

Wye Valley Training Meet

This is our training meet! Yup, we've moved our training meet later this year to June and to the Wye Valley as the weather is kinder and access to the area easier to get to. :) If you're a prospective or a member without climbing experience looking to join in […]

North Wales

We're hopping up to somewhere in North Wales. It's a favourite spot of ours and always a place where everyone can find something to do - be in climbing, walking, and further out kayaking and surfing! Date: Friday 12th July - Sunday 14th July 2024 Time: When you or your […]


We're off to the lovely Yorkshire. Going in the summer means anyone fancying the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge will get a nice amount of daylight to do it in. Excellent. Also there are rocks to climb too, if you didn't know. :p Date: Friday 9th August - Sunday 11th August […]

International Meet: Italy – Dolomites

Exciting - we're off to the Dolomites! Date: Saturday 7th September - Saturday 14th / Sunday 15th July 2024 Travel: Expect to fly - we've checked train travel options, though just possible to get within the general area it is potentially complicated with a lot of changes and lengthy. Location: […]