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Bowles Rocks Intro Meet 2018

After successfully signing up lots of new members following a day out at Bowles Rocks last year, (this author included), the MMC again invited prospective members for a days outdoor climbing. An incredible turn out saw 25 new faces! Also incredibly, somehow, we managed to pick the first warm blue […]

Easter in the Lakes 2018

Prologue Sitting by the absurdly unrealistic electric “flames” of the Fylde Hut fire, misty-eyed members of the MMC tell a legend of the creature named Sebastian.  It is said that he could crack walnuts between his elbows, and open beer bottles under his pecs.  However, the greatest of his Herculean […]

Whitby Meet – Feb 2018

Whitby Meet Report by Lee Mellows A small, select band collected for this most pastoral of meets – Maija Kilmane, Sarah Glover, Katherine Taylor, Lee Mellows, Caroline Lonsdale and Margaret Ingham. Margeret and Lee arrived first, on Friday afternoon, which meant they could explore the Goth-haunted graveyards and backstreets of […]

New Year’s Meet in Morocco

Morocco offers the full range of sport and trad climbing to suit all abilities.  Highly recommended destination for those looking to get away for a short break. Large choice of single pitch roadside crags to long multi pitch adventure days.  Day 1 – Arrival Chris, Joe, Michael and Nick formed the […]

North Wales Meet winter 2018

We stayed at the excellent Boulder Adventures house in Llanberis.  During the week David had floated the idea of a bit of mountaineering, anxious as he was to avoid faffing and wasted time and daylight on Saturday morning. Rhona, Nick, Simon, Richard, Will, Helena and Anna were hooked.  A reasonably […]

Dinner Meet Castleton November 2017

Robin’s rules of Dinner Meet Organisation … misunderstandings and neglect create more confusion in this world than trickery and malice. (Goethe) And so it came my turn to organise the MMC annual dinner meet. The Peak district town of Castleton chosen for its delightful caves, wonderful YHA accommodation and pub […]